Friday, July 31, 2009

ode to the thistle!

thistles have a bad rap. here in colorado, they are considered an "invasive species". evidently, they crowd out native species and crops. i suppose that is understandable, i mean, it's cool to be hearty and thrive, but no need to get greedy, right? the other day, on our way to a nearby hike, i noticed several patches of thistles that were a bluish color i'd never seen before. i realized they had been sprayed with a greenish substance, no doubt some kind of herbicide, and i felt a sense of righteous indignation, as if i ought to go on some sort of crusade on their behalf. they were just minding their own business on a hillside. they certainly didn't seem to be crowding anybody or doing any kind of invading. setting aside my life and starting a "save the thistles" campaign seems a bit unrealistic at this time, so instead, i made this piece to honor them.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

our work

the mightiest oak. cuff bracelet

blossomforth. necklace

flower-in-a-flower ring

rings for willow

hazel's work (note the helpers)

productive day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


"my daddy, he's a real cowboy."

hazel playing the backpacker guitar

molly & the mountains


little miss nut, enjoying the morning


so i've had an important realization. i've been hoping and wishing and trying to be one of those etsy sellers that sells everything they list the minute it appears in their shop. but that is not how it works for me. my etsy shop seems to be for the purpose of making custom items ~ wedding bands, guitar picks, mommy necklaces, etc. while all of my one-of-a-kind pieces sell really well in the gallery. i think it is great to have a balance between the two. all of my etsy orders have a six week turnaround time (this doesn't seem to bother my customers, which always amazes me!). this allows me time to work on both custom orders and one-of-a-kind pieces.

i simply cannot keep the artisans gallery stocked. every time i go in, i say to myself, "goodness, the shelves are empty again???" it's also lovely because there i get to meet my customers. i seem to be amassing a small following in mancos and it's so wonderful. i met a woman yesterday who said she has bought several of my pieces and was so tickled to be actually meeting me; i felt like a little celebrity. she owns a liquor store there and she said many of her customers come in wearing my stuff and they always admire each others' stuff. another friend posted this to my facebook wall:

I completely forgot to tell you the other day - I was at a party and I complimented a girl on her earrings. She said they were from "Silver Sparrow Designs". Some other lady, who I've never met, overheard and said that she was familiar with and loved your jewelry. I told them you were a friend of mine and they said, "Really??" They couldn't stop praising your stuff. I told them I'd pass on the compliments :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

silversmithing to silverton

i made myself this very special, very LARGE (about 2" x 2") ring last week out of a moonstone that was once a part of a pendant that was very dear to me. i adore this ring and only wish i could sleep in it!

i am leaving this afternoon to head to silverton to join my sweet family. i have 12 packages all wrapped up and ready to mail on tuesday and i got a handful of pieces made for the boulder/ littleton galleries!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

note to self... remember rumi!

i have been "working" so so much lately. when i feel a bit overwhelmed, or wish i was down at the river with my dear husband and sweet little girls rather than sweating profusely in my hot little shop, where i have to turn the fan off when i turn the torch on and i just think i might die, i remind myself of rumi's lovely words "let the beauty of what you love be what you do". i am so very very grateful that i am making a living out of my passion. i adore creating these pieces of wearable art for folks to buy and cherish. i love making the custom wedding bands and guitar picks and "mommy" necklaces that may someday become family heirlooms. i LOVE what i do and i thank the universe everyday!

glenn and the girls left to go camping this morning. i will work work work today, tonight, and tomorrow and then meet them up there tomorrow afternoon, fulfilled, refreshed, and caught up. you see, i have been asked to have my work in a gallery in boulder, and its' sister in littleton! the owner would like about 20 pieces for each location and i've got to get busy!

Monday, July 13, 2009


i haven't been updating at all; i apologize! i vow to be a better blogger starting now. i have become obsessed with creating flowers form silver and glass...