Friday, January 30, 2009

i really am a dork.

this is a photo of the pick i made for my very favorite musician, colin meloy of the decemberists (it is a line from one of his songs).  i sent it to him and it was returned to me, marked "insufficient address", or something of the sort.  i tried sending it again, we'll see.  for some reason i just really want him to have one...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

very cool

so my wonderful aunt kandy purchased 9 of the "joyful. patient. faithful. cuff bracelets yesterday!  we talked and agreed that everyone in the family should wear them during my mom's process, kind of like the yellow livestrong bracelets.   even the men are into it, as long as i put a "manly" hammered, oxidized finish on them!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


my mother was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma, or bone marrow cancer.  it has, of course, been extremely difficult.  when i tried to think of something i could do, this was all i could come up with.  i made a cuff bracelet that says, "be joyful in your hope, patient in your affliction, and faithful in your prayers", which is a scripture my aunt sent to me.  i am not a traditionally religious person, but that really fit the situation and i knew she would love it.  on the inside i wrote "my body is strong and healthy".  once i finished it i decided there was more i could do.  i could use this bracelet to help more than just my mom.  so i am selling these in my etsy shop and 10% of the proceeds will go to the multiple myeloma research foundation.  

Saturday, January 17, 2009

old dog, new tricks?

this here is simon, my 4- year old "terrier mix".  i rescued him from a shelter in denver late last summer.  originally, he was not allowed to come into my studio because he just could not leave maybe alone.  maybe tried to be friends with him, but simon would have none of it.  now that i am quite certain maybe is not coming back, i've been trying to get simon to become my new (although reluctant) shop companion.  he is having a very hard time adjusting to the new rules, but i am hopeful...

Friday, January 16, 2009

sick. sick. sick.

someone has stolen my name, silver sparrow designs!  i am just sick in the core of myself about this.  she has and she has a facebook page under silver sparrow designs.  i just cannot believe that someone would do this!  when i first came up with my name, i did very extensive research to make sure that no one else was using it...  i do not know what to do.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

happy news!

i am very excited to announce that i have been asked to join the artisans of mancos artist's co-op!  i went to their monthly meeting last night and presented my work and told a little about myself.  then i was excused and they voted on whether or not to accept me.  they voted yes!  it's a lovely gallery, with lots of sunlight.  i will start march 1st.  one of the obligations is to work at the gallery three 1/2 days a month, which i think will be a lot of fun.  i just need to figure out display options now and start building up my inventory.  evidently, summer tourist season is very busy.

Monday, January 5, 2009

sad news...

the sad news is that maybe, the sweet "studio mascot",  has disappeared.  i let him into his cozy little bed in my shop by the woodstove every night and the last time i went to let him in, he didn't come like he usually does.  it was the start of a storm and i haven't seen him since.  i skied all over town, calling him, but no luck.  i had hoped he would show up when the storm was over, maybe someone let him in and would release him when the weather cleared, but that did not happen.    it's been 2 weeks now and i think i have to accept he is not coming back.  i am so sad.  he drove me crazy, but i loved him.