Tuesday, January 31, 2012

salt lake city, emily, and blind pilot

i had a wonderful weekend in salt lake city!

olive was a fabulous co-pilot.

it was so fun having her along. i have always enjoyed doing these little trips alone, but she is the perfect companion.

saturday morning we went for a truly beautiful ski up mill creek canyon.

we took a break and had lunch at emily's friend melissa's cabin

(i loved the contrast of this green with everything frozen.)

emily's the greatest.

martha scanlon opened for blind pilot and she was amazing!

good ol' israel (and kati)


luke and ian


i've never seen another band that seems to enjoy playing music together as much as these guys do. they smile at each other and laugh throughout the set. they just put out really great energy and every time i see them they get better.

at the end they invited martha up for another song.

and then i had a beautiful drive home...

i hope everyone is well!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

riveting again

these are some new pieces i made this week.
i am delighted to say that i have been riveting again, love it so much.

this ring is quite magical.

you almost might think there is no stone in there at all. when in fact, there is a delicious faceted moonstone, not rainbow moonstone, just the good old fashioned regular moonstone.

tension set and riveted into place,
just like magic.

and this prehnite piece,
rather victorian looking, i think.

i set the stone "upside down", pointy side up.

and this tranquility ring,
with the deepest blue kyanite i've ever seen.

and a faceted lemon yellow prehnite ring

these pieces are actually not going into the etsy shop; they are for the new store i am going to have my work in. however, if you absolutely love one of these and feel you can't live without it, please don't hesitate to let me know, and we can talk.

tomorrow, olive and i leave to go to salt lake city to see emily, her lovely family, and blind pilot (with martha scanlon opening)! very exciting!

hope you all have wonderful weekends as well...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

a felice piece

this is a custom piece that i made for the very special shan, perhaps the only other person i know who may love the felice brothers the way that i do. (you can check out her very cool website, two sisters and a show, here. she and her sister post photos and reviews of the many shows they attend.)

it features an incredibly gorgeous greenish blue kyanite

and some of ian's lyrics from the song forever green

so, for all of you, my dear readers, who have followed my borderline obsession with the felice brothers, have seen me follow them all over the country, from lancaster, pennsylvania to big sur, california, from charleston, south carolina to salt lake city, utah, and other cities in between, and have seen the custom guitar picks i have made for ian, as well as the many pieces of jewelry that bear his words, who have listened to me ramble about how amazing they are and how no one's music compares to theirs, live or otherwise, and have heard me talk about what great guys they are, personable and sweet... know that i am not alone. there are other people in the world who feel the way that i do, and miss shan here is one of them. she is a wonderful sanity check for me, and, should a situation ever arise where i need someone to testify that i have not completely lost my head over the felice brothers, and that my actions were well within reason, she would be the one i would call.

for you, dear, i hope you love it.

Friday, January 20, 2012

nuance bracelets and stacking rings

i made some new "nuance" bracelets this week, a variation of the old "rustic nuance" design. these are more subtle and more for everyday wear.

each has one of my bars with words on it. this one says "be who you are" and has a faceted rainbow moonstone on it.

there's also a lovely faceted labradorite,

and a beautiful kyanite.

these are great because they twist and twirl and flip and turn and however they end up, it's just fine.

this one says "live your love"

and has amethyst, rainbow moonstone, and peridot

this one says "always remember who you love",

and it has prehnite, smoky quartz, and amethyst

and this is the "kyanite moon" ring

with a fabulous kyanite

a new prehnite stack

with the prehnite resting in a little cup.

and a moonstone stack as well

these are all in the shop.

have a great weekend!