Sunday, January 22, 2012

a felice piece

this is a custom piece that i made for the very special shan, perhaps the only other person i know who may love the felice brothers the way that i do. (you can check out her very cool website, two sisters and a show, here. she and her sister post photos and reviews of the many shows they attend.)

it features an incredibly gorgeous greenish blue kyanite

and some of ian's lyrics from the song forever green

so, for all of you, my dear readers, who have followed my borderline obsession with the felice brothers, have seen me follow them all over the country, from lancaster, pennsylvania to big sur, california, from charleston, south carolina to salt lake city, utah, and other cities in between, and have seen the custom guitar picks i have made for ian, as well as the many pieces of jewelry that bear his words, who have listened to me ramble about how amazing they are and how no one's music compares to theirs, live or otherwise, and have heard me talk about what great guys they are, personable and sweet... know that i am not alone. there are other people in the world who feel the way that i do, and miss shan here is one of them. she is a wonderful sanity check for me, and, should a situation ever arise where i need someone to testify that i have not completely lost my head over the felice brothers, and that my actions were well within reason, she would be the one i would call.

for you, dear, i hope you love it.


ahnn said...

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