Friday, January 20, 2012

nuance bracelets and stacking rings

i made some new "nuance" bracelets this week, a variation of the old "rustic nuance" design. these are more subtle and more for everyday wear.

each has one of my bars with words on it. this one says "be who you are" and has a faceted rainbow moonstone on it.

there's also a lovely faceted labradorite,

and a beautiful kyanite.

these are great because they twist and twirl and flip and turn and however they end up, it's just fine.

this one says "live your love"

and has amethyst, rainbow moonstone, and peridot

this one says "always remember who you love",

and it has prehnite, smoky quartz, and amethyst

and this is the "kyanite moon" ring

with a fabulous kyanite

a new prehnite stack

with the prehnite resting in a little cup.

and a moonstone stack as well

these are all in the shop.

have a great weekend!

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