Wednesday, March 18, 2015

specimens in blues and greens

all the while that i was attempting to live my alter-ego teacher self, and was unable to get into my shop,  i was fantasizing about making specimens.  i am so pleased with these new pieces.

specimens are collected as samples, for further study, to examine to determine genetic make up, classification, genre, etc. they are used to further knowledge, to better understand. information is extrapolated from them to answer questions or determine further study. collected specimens are more than mere keepsakes; they have a purpose and a value beyond the sentimental. they tell us something of origin, place, roots. these specimens do the same. they are earthly remnants represented in silver. they symbolize inner study and definition, collection, classification. i've been asking myself a lot of these questions lately, looking at my thoughts and feelings in new ways, trying to see patterns in my mind, my thinking, tracing my thoughts, seeing where they come from and where they go and what feelings they triggger. as someone very dear to me put it, "who are we and why we are, in the moment, how we are?" who are you and what does it mean? how do you classify yourself?

the calmness is the cradle of power necklace,
with kyanite, aquamarine, green tourmaline, amethyst, iolite, and labradorite

as well as amazonite, aquamarine, prehnite, moonstone, and kyanite wire-wrapped beads

the love, specimen necklace.  rainbow moonstone necklace
with rainbow moonstone, labradorite, tourmaline, and amethyst

as well as labradorite, iolite, kyanite, prehnite, moonstone, and apatite wire-wrapped beads

the specimen bracelet. kyanite and chalcedony  bracelet
with rose cut labradorite, faceted pink tourmaline, faceted polite, rose cut chalcedony, and kyanite

a lovely fern specimen with london blue topaz

the mandala earrings. chalcedony 

the resolve earrings. labradorite

the mating of the dove earrings

inspired by ian felice's song

From the Gulf of Aden, to the marble coast
To the rolling hills of Oregon
And the Tigris River and the wind that blows
In the hanging bowers of Babylon

I'm a fool for giving all that I gave
to you pitiful people when the world was made
And if I come back down from the stars above
It's just to watch the mating of the doves

I was there in Egypt when your king was slain
And it made me cry a million tears
And it formed a river in a western state
And it carved a canyon through the years

And I'm a fool for giving all that I gave
To you pitiful people when the world was made
And if I come back down from the stars above
It's just to watch the mating of the doves

So you can preach of Heaven and you can warn of Hell
And you can murder millions in my name
But I gave you Heaven and the only Hell
Is the one you made from fear and hate

and the mandala ring stack,
with pink tourmaline

all of these pieces are in the etsy shop now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

new pieces!

i have listed a bunch of new pieces in my etsy shop!  yay!  some of these pieces may look familiar to you.  some were sent to galleries and have returned.  a couple i have held onto for a while but now feel i am able to part with.  some have been slightly altered or reconfigured.  but all are now available.

the broken open necklace,
with chrysopase

a new child of the universe necklace,
with prehnite

the my dreams gave me away necklace, 
with labradorite and moonstone

the knowing she has wings necklace,
with laguna agate

the i am at peace necklace,
with moonstone and labradorite

a 3 wishes ring,
with ruby, opal and artisan glass flower

the labradorite marquis ring

the bird on broken wing bracelet

the specimen bracelet with tortoise bracelet,
with chalcedony

verse earrings with labradorite

verse earrings with kyanite, lepidolite, and ammonite

and verse earrings with prehnite and labradorite

i'm very excited to be creating again!  all of these pieces are now in the etsy shop :)