Monday, November 28, 2011

i made a new flapper bracelet

with the most gorgeous rainbow moonstone, labradorite, and prehnite

i really love making these, but they are very time consuming. this one in particular, as i have been making my own jump rings in an effort to cut down however i can on the amount of money i spend on silver these days. for this piece i constructed and soldered 30 jump rings. i made the toggle clasp as well. but these are my three very favorite stones (plus kyanite, of course) and i am swooning over the flow and the feel of this bracelet.

of course i couldn't truly capture the incredible blue flash of this moonstone. it is amazing.

you can find it here. i know it seems really expensive, but it truly was a labor of love. i know you understand, especially my fellow silversmiths. there is a 10% off sale in my shop right now, but, actually, i have been wanting to offer you, my dear readers, a 15% off coupon code, just in case. please use code BLOG15 until december 1st.

Friday, November 25, 2011

skiing! (with olive)

the girls got to go spend the night with patty tonight, so glenn and i went and had a wonderful date. we went for a beautiful sunset ski at the fabulous trout lake trail and then had dinner in telluride.

see olive there? that's where she goes when she gets tired.

and if it's especially cold and windy...

so beautiful

it turns out, olive loves skiing! i read that pomeranians have been bred down from icelandic sled dogs. olive is mostly pomeranian.

this trail was groomed at the start of november, the earliest on record.

this was actually olive's fourth time skiing.

she's been twice with the girls

where she had more options if she got tired.

i am delighted that ski season has begun. i am desperately in love with olive. i am looking forward to many more skis with her, and with glenn, and with the girls.

oh, and did i mention how glad i am to be back?


(yes, here i am back at the old blog. i feel like i have put on a nice comfy pair of sneakers after prancing around in some high-heeled boots for a bit. sorry for dragging you back and forth, but i am back now. thanks for following me around.)

we had a really awesome thanksgiving yesterday. for the first time ever, it was just the four of us, in our home. and although we missed apple and poppy, it was lovely.

because we have issues with our oven (and just because it was cool) we cooked our turkey in the dutch oven.

and, we made pink whipped cream for our cherry-apple pie.

i am so very thankful for my amazing family,

and my beautiful new home
(more photos soon, i promise)

and the sweetest little olive

and how she has blended so seamlessly into our home.

i hope that you all had wonderful, grateful days yesterday as well!
(it's so good to be home...)