Monday, August 27, 2012


hello?  are you still there?

or have you completely given up on me since it's been ages since i've posted anything or shared any new work?  i hope that you are still there.  this summer has been tricky, and i've made a conscious effort to spend less time in the shop and on the computer and more time with the family.  however, i do finally have some new pieces for you.  i'd also like to share that i have new photographer to take the photos of myself wearing the necklaces and earrings-- hazel!  she is AWESOME.

always remember who you love charm necklace
with aquamarine and cubic zirconia

this one is long, 36"

the grace necklace,
with blue lace agate

kyanite ring

the love heals necklace,
with amethyst

moonstone love charm necklace

and a moonstone stack

a purple love necklace

and some refrain earrings,
with chrysoprase

and another pair with kyanite and chrysoprase

your apatite heart

and your mended heart

i will be listing these in the etsy shop tomorrow!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

the mating of the doves

so, if you follow this blog at all you know that i adore the felice brothers and think that ian felice is the greatest songwriter of our time.  on their latest album, (which you can download here for only $5), ian has done it again.  the song the mating of the doves is absolutely incredible.  when the album was brand new and still unheard, just waiting on my ipod, we were driving across the country.  i waited until everything was calm and settled and put my headphones on to really listen.  when this song came on, i cried like i haven't cried in a long time.  like sobbing crying.  there aren't any words to explain how this song makes me feel. 

and how else for me to express those feelings than through my jewelry?

i've been designing this necklace in my head since i first heard the song.  the stars and the heart are made from pmc and i cut the doves from sheet.

the lyrics:

from the gulf of aden to the marble coast
to the rolling hills of oregon
and the tigris river and the wind that blows
in the hanging boughs of babylon

i'm a fool for giving all that I gave
to you pitiful people
when the world was made
and if I come back down from the stars above
it's just to watch
the mating of the doves

i was there in egypt when your king was slain
and it made me cry a million tears
and it formed a river in a western state
and it carved a canyon through the years

i'm a fool for giving all that I gave
to you pitiful people
when the world was made
and if I come back down from the stars above
it's just to watch
the mating of the doves

so you can preach of heaven and you can warn of hell
and you can murder millions in my name
But I gave you heaven and the only hell
is the one you made from fear and hate

you're all fools for thinking that i'm coming back
for some firey judgement
and turn the world to black
but if I come back down it's not to judge but love
and to be among
the mating of the doves

thank you, mr. ian felice, for this incredible song.
i cherish it.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

hazel's first day of second grade and bear creek

today was hazel's first day of second grade.  it's really just impossible for me to believe.

she was delighted.  i don't know anyone who loves school like hazel does.

june doesn't start school until tuesday.

in an attempt to keep our we-miss-hazel-and-we-wonder-what-she-is-doing-at-this-exact-moment feelings at bay, junebug and i went for a lovely hike up at bear creek.  

it looked like this:

(do you see the squirrel?)

and it smelled like this.

it tasted like this,

sounded like this,

and felt like this.