Friday, August 30, 2013

the first day of school

the girls started school last week.  hazel is now in third grade and june is in kindergarten.  it is impossible for me to believe.

just as i did for hazel for her first day of kindergarten, i made june a bracelet.  you can see the post about hazel's first day of kindergarten here.

(hazel's has gotten quite full.)

i told glenn i thought we should think about having another baby.  he reminded me that i said i wanted to have another baby when hazel started kindergarten.  he told me it would pass.  my babies are growing up!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

introducing... dorothy!

so i am a bit late with this post, which i know will not surprise you at all.  but here is my "new" van.  i purchased her in april. found her on-line, flew to dallas to buy her and drove her home.

she is a 1997 roadtrek 190 versatile, my dream van.  

i have wanted a van like this for a very long time.  i am so so delighted.

she seats four people 

(and actually up to six because, as you can see in this photo,  the bed in the back can be converted to a little "dinette" area, and there are also 2 seat belts back there.  if one were not concerned with things such as seat belts, 10 people could comfortably ride in this van.)

she also sleeps four.  the driver and passenger side front and back seats convert into single beds, which are perfect for the girls, and would probably be fine for adults too; i haven't tried them out. (this is a very messy photo; it started raining and we threw everything in.)

and there is this double bed in the back.

very cozy.

the front seats also do this.

there is a lovely kitchen, with a stove, sink, refrigerator, and microwave.  i do not even have a microwave in my home.

and there's even a toilet.

all of the amazing custom curtains were made by my amazing friend, cat.

olive approves.

i bought one of these united states maps to keep track of where i travel in the van.  

i have put 17 stickers, and over 7,000 miles on since i bought her.  we have camped more this summer than we ever have and long trips are so much fun.

i couldn't be happier, and look forward to many, many wonderful times with her!