Sunday, April 7, 2013

new spring pieces

i guess i've been feeling a bit springy lately.
this is what i made last week.

with ruby, peridot and peruvian opal.

with peruvian opal

so called because the stone looks exactly like an elk ivory, just a whimsical blue color.

a new grace ring,
with a gorgeous chrysoprase

a new resolve ring,
with a stunning golden labradorite

with a tiny faceted amethyst

with citrine leaves

and lastly, i made this.  i intended it to look like something,  but i don't think it looks like what i meant for it to.  therefore, i cannot sell it.  so, if you can guess what it is (complete with a little emerald) you can have it, if you want it that is.  tell me your guess in the comments.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

our easter hut trip

we spent our easter weekend here, with wonderful friends,

looking at this.

we skied in 2 1/2 miles, about a 1,000 foot elevation gain.

sometimes the girls looked like this...

... and sometimes like this.

on sunday morning we did an easter egg hunt.

(check out that wood stove!)

the girls

it was a big hit.

all the kids got along great.

 so did the kids and the parents.

hide and seek with avalanche beacons!

the dads

the moms

we had a delicious easter feast.

it was an altogether fabulous time.

and when we got home, we got new baby chicks!
2 barred rocks, 2 americanas, 1 buff orphington, and 1 brown legged.  they are being called chloe & zoe, winnie, timber, sunshine, and walnut.