Wednesday, June 12, 2013

though i haven't been around here much, i really have been busy.

i sent these pieces to san francisco, and i have been very busy with wedding rings and other local custom projects.  now i will begin preparing for the telluride farmer's market.  this time of year is so hard for me because the girls are out of school and glenn is still working.  i want to spend time with them, enjoying the summer.  glenn's last day was yesterday though, so i should be able to get a bit more time out in my studio now.  believe it or not, i have managed to make a couple of things for the etsy shop.

 i made this resolve ring

 and this grace ring

and these leaf me alone earrings

i also made this custom belt buckle, and my neighbor made a delicious custom tooled belt to go with it.

i hope you all are doing well and enjoying summer.
i miss you!