Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my trip!!!

so, i keep making references to my big trip, upon which i am embarking tomorrow evening. i would like to share with you the details of my journey.

the main reason that i am going is to see conor oberst. of all of the bands and musicians that i love, he is by far the one that i feel the most connection with, lyrically. hearing his songs is like reading his journal and i have always had a very deep connection to what he has to say. he sings freely about his depression and how it affects his life. for about ten years now i have anxiously awaited his cds. he is currently without a backing band, so he has chosen

the felice brothers to be his band for these four shows (only four!). as you know, i also adore the felice brothers. while ian's songwriting is entirely different, it is still incredible, more storyteller-ish. there is something so real and true and raw about this band; i cannot describe what draws me to them. it is certainly not their appearance. while looking for this picture, i kept passing over photos because they didn't look good until it hit me that they just don't look good. (i actually had an etsian send me convo about how much she loved the "among the white storks" necklace, and how she watched the video and how unattractive the singer was. sorry, ian.) anyway, they will not only be conor oberst's backing band, they will also open for him.

in san francisco, they will be playing at the hardly strictly bluegrass festival, where will oldham (a.k.a bonnie prince billy) will also be. if you listen to my little playlist here on the blog, you are familiar with his songs. i've also been a fan of his for a very long time and have seen him live and met him several times. he is an amazing musician, incredible songwriter, and quite an eclectic performer. i am very much looking forward to seeing him! also at the festival will be the avett brothers, gillian welch, jenny and johnny lewis, and lots of other great acts.

i am camping outside of flagstaff, az the first night, then staying in santa barbara the next night. i got a super-cheap four star hotel that is on the beach through hotwire.com. the show that night is at a club. then i head to big sur, where i am staying at the campground/resort where the show will be. then on to san francisco! there i am staying with the woman, stephanie, that i met at the durango arts festival who so generously offered to put me up.

this is the pick i will be giving to conor.
(the lyrics are from a very old song of his, haleigh, haleigh)

and this one is for mr. oldham
(lyrics are also from a pretty old song of his, based on a buddhist teaching)

and this was inside my fortune cookie; how can i argue with that?

i will be back on monday night, but i may be posting along the way. i look forward to sharing my adventures with you!

Monday, September 27, 2010

well lookie here...

here are FIVE finished pieces, on their way to the etsy shop!

the "three wishes" ring

freshwater pearl, aquamarine, kyanite

what would they be? your wishes, that is...

a new "without darkness" necklace

with a glorious pink cobaltan calcite druzy
and one of teresa's beautiful artisan glass fower cabs

a "timing of things" ring

with the most incredible, high-dome chrysoprase cab i have ever seen!

juicy, gorgeous, scrumptious...

this is the "fall flight" necklace

with an amazing golden prehnite cab

a "regular" milky green prehnite is suspended below

check out this tiffany stone!

when i showed this ring to the woman who owns the local gem shop here, she said that bertrandite of this size and color is extremely rare these days.

i simply cannot get a picture of how amazing this stone is.

this beautiful quote from kahlil gibran is on the back...

wow! it feels so good to have completed some pieces for you before i leave for my trip on wednesday. i hope you like them!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

happy fall!

this weekend, glenn went backpacking. the man climbed five peaks above 12,000 feet in two days. we picked him up and took a little drive up to telluride to check out the colors.

here we are, happy to be together again.

(the first snow on the peaks!)

we, of course, rode the gondola.

while june had a nap.

hope you have some great fall weather wherever you are. and, our beloved babysitter came over today so i got a few precious hours out in the studio. the fruits of my labor may even make it into the shop tomorrow!

Friday, September 24, 2010

bits and pieces

the first, very exciting, thing is that i have a new niece today!

this scrumptious little bundle is called elizabeth grace.

also, i realized i never shared photos from my visit with my parents. here are a few:
mitchell, june, hazel, cameron

pops reading a bedtime story to all of the cousins

mimi and the girls

mimi and me

i cannot wait for junebug to see this photo when she is older.

and, i got out to the shop for a bit today! i made this for juniper, her first necklace.

here she is, fresh out of the tub, showing it off.

and, i hope you are all in a very
for the weekend!