Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i have moved.

hello there! i am writing to tell you that i am no longer here. if you are looking for me, you can now find me at my new home, silversparrowdesigns.com. it's very exciting over there, you should come check it out!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

i love telluride!

as i have told you, i've been doing the telluride farmers' market this summer. i have been doing it about every third week. it has been SO wonderful! not only has it been a full time job for me, working as much as i can in between shows to keep up my inventory because i practically sell out each time i go up there, but i have perfected the art of set up/take down, and i have really built up my confidence and skills as far as selling goes. i feel so much better about interacting with people and selling my work. it really is the type of thing that only gets easier with practice and i have had a lot of practice this summer. this weekend was the telluride film festival and the market was especially hoppin'. film stars and producers everywhere. (apparently jennifer garner and one of her daughters bought kettle corn from my dear neighbor.)

this is a design that does quite well in telluride, the three little stones on a ring, with matching earrings.

AND, check out my new banner! isn't it fabulous? a sandwich board is coming next. i feel so professional...

this was a big hit this week too. the "build your own charm necklace" option. ladies (and even men) had so much fun digging through the dishes and designing their pieces. i will be hard at work making lots more charms for the upcoming durango arts festival.

i also got some new displays. see the individual earring displays? and the larger ones that showcase the necklaces with the matching earrings? i love them.

and... this is bailey, my fabulous new apprentice! she is hammering stacking rings for me here. i have known her for years; we used to work at the bead store in durango together. she still lives in durango and will be coming over once a week to help me out in exchange for learning silversmithing skills. she has already taken some classes so she's quite proficient already. i just love her!

also, my friend doug is still working on the all new silversparrowdesigns.com. i am meeting with him tonight to work out some details. very exciting! stay tuned...