Thursday, September 16, 2010

...tide will bring and tide will take...

so here is the newest "collector's edition" piece. it was a great show piece; everyone wanted to pick it up, feel its weight, and marvel that it was a ring.

there are few things i love more than getting up very early in the morning and going for a nice long walk on the beach to collect seashells and sea glass and any other treasures the tide has brought in. are you a collector? what do you like to look for? maybe it’s a nautilus? or sand dollars? or are you a sea glass kind of girl? whatever it is you search for, don’t you just love the feeling when there it is, among the detritus and ocean debris, hiding under a pile of seaweed? don’t you love the sensation of picking up that piece of the sea and putting into your pail to take home? i made this series to honor that sensation, to help you remember to look for those treasures whenever you can. and to cherish each and every one.

this piece is part of my "collector's edition". it is not called that because i have become terribly arrogant and have decided that folks are lining up to collect my work, it is called that because it is a tribute to all of you collectors out there. the ones who go to the beach with a pail and become elated at all of the treasures, the ones like me.

this particular piece has some lyrics from the a.a. bondy song, slow parade. "tide will bring and tide will take". as my friend who turned me on to bondy said when he saw this piece, the tide will bring and the tide will take, and hopefully you're left with something. it's not gonna be a lot, it's not gonna be what you were mining for, but something weathered and perfected by time. right? so here you go. freshwater pearl (from the pearl farm in tennesse), lake superior agate, and carnelian, amidst all of the bits and pieces that washed up.

you can find this here ring in my shop.

i am in denver now, visiting my parents. my dad had a hip replacement recently and the girls just cheer him up so much. but i really, sincerely, honestly apologize for not having more new pieces for you. i thought i would have more pieces left over after the show. but i promise, soon! thank you so much for being so patient with me.

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