Monday, August 20, 2012

mushroom fest farmer's market in telluride!

last weekend was mushroom fest in telluride.

so fun!  you can bring the mushrooms that you find to this tent and they will help you to identify them.

i made these charms to honor the occasion,

and these lovely ladies bought them!

olive was there to help with sales.

it was an awesome day!


Joy Johnson said...

OMG! What cute little mushrooms!!! Totally love them! Little Olive would be an excellent mascot for your jewelry. She seems like she would be great with sales - hee hee! Any chance you will have a booth at the show in Durango in Sept? My husband and I are traveling that way and thought about seeing what was going on that time of year. Best of luck to you! You have such a talent!

kristi smith said...

well thanks, joy!!! yes, olive attracts a lot of business; she's quite helpful. i will not be at the show in durango this year, but if you and your husband journey up to telluride for blues and brews that weekend, i will be at the farmer's market on friday, sept 14th!