Wednesday, August 8, 2012

our incredible journey 2012

so i know that last time we made an epic journey across the country (two years ago). i diligently reported to you from each leg of our trip.  but, as you may have noticed, i haven't been such a great blogger lately.  so, here you get our trip, in its' entirety.  all 5136 miles of it.  it was by far the most amazing family vacation we have ever had.

we started in denver, where the girls got to go to this very cool water park.

and they got some great time with their mimi and pops.

we then spent a LOT of time in the car.  i cannot even tell you how amazing the girls were in the car.  with a few minor exceptions, i would use the word angelic to describe their behavior.  for real.  (we figured by the time it was all said and done we were in there for about 80 hours.)

next we stopped in cleveland to visit my dear sister, traci and my darling nephew, john. (and of course my brother-in-law, mike, but i didn't get a picture of him.)

while i was there traci arranged a (very successful) trunk show for me at her coffee shop.  so fun!

it was so great to spend some more time with her.

and the girls love their aunt traci!

our next stop was to see good ol' apple and poppy, glenn's parents, in new jersey.

we took the girls to build-a-bear since they were so great in the car.  (this is little nora on the left.  so sweet)

hazel, nora, june, eddie, kendra
they had an awesome time with their cousins.

one highlight of apple and poppy's house is the critter-feeding area.  the girls watched the animals for hours, but we did not see the bear this time.

then we headed down to the jersey shore for a couple of days!

such a great time.

we met glenn's uncle bob for lunch in pennsylvania,

and then glenn and i had a date.

we went for a walk

and then went and saw conor oberst!
(you can see more on that show here if you'd like.)

our next stop was newport, RI.

we stayed with my dear friend molly.

i LOVE newport!

we went to the newport folk festival, which has been a dream of mine for a loooooong time.

hazel loved hanging out with molly; they have a very special bond.

 the girls had such a great time at the festival!

they each picked one band for me to take them up close for.  hazel picked first aid kit.

and she got to meet them; they were so sweet.

and they both got to meet israel from blind pilot, who is also very sweet.

june picked to go up front for the head and the heart.

she took this picture of herself,

and lots of pictures of the band.

the festival was everything i had ever hoped it would be and more.  you can read more about it here if you'd like.

we ate breakfast at the hungry monkey before leaving town.

we stopped to see all of the dear cousins again,

and apple and poppy.
thank you SOOOOO much for everything!

and then headed west.  but guess who was waiting for us in denver?  the felice brothers!

glenn and i got to see a felice brothers show on our 11th anniversary.
very wonderful.

this trip was epic and fabulous and spectacular.


traci said...

AWESOME pictures of your amazing journey. So glad you had a great time. Love you guys!

kristi smith said...

thanks, traci! yes, it was a really awesome trip, and so good to see you!