Sunday, July 8, 2012

i really do love what i do.

so i went through this period where i thought that only my one of a kind pieces of jewelry were what mattered, that those were what made me an "artist".  but i had something happen recently that made me reevaluate that.  i got an e-mail from woman, telling me that i had made her god-daughter's wedding rings and that her god-daughter's husband had recently died unexpectedly and could i please make one of my remembrance pansies for her.

 and so i did.
 and look what his name was.

and it made me realize that what i do for people, when i make these one-of-a-kind custom pieces for them, is huge.  i create tangible memories, keepsakes, heirlooms that are invaluable to these people and their families.

 i make wedding rings, to be worn everyday, for life.

 i make engagement rings, where so many hopes and dreams live.

 i make wedding gifts.
i've even made a divorce ring.

 i make dog tags, to make sure your special friend can be found if lost.
(i haven't told you yet about this.)

 i make family necklaces.

 this woman just sent her necklace back to me, after a few years, to add her newest child.  that is SO cool.

 and i make vacation memories too.

it was just very wonderful for me to realize that these pieces have so very much significance for the folks i am making them for.  they are just as special, just as unique, as the "art" pieces that i make.

i really, truly, sincerely love what i do.
and i am so grateful everyday.


Emily said...

I've been trying to tell you that for years :)

kristi smith said...

emily, you are so great.