Monday, August 27, 2012


hello?  are you still there?

or have you completely given up on me since it's been ages since i've posted anything or shared any new work?  i hope that you are still there.  this summer has been tricky, and i've made a conscious effort to spend less time in the shop and on the computer and more time with the family.  however, i do finally have some new pieces for you.  i'd also like to share that i have new photographer to take the photos of myself wearing the necklaces and earrings-- hazel!  she is AWESOME.

always remember who you love charm necklace
with aquamarine and cubic zirconia

this one is long, 36"

the grace necklace,
with blue lace agate

kyanite ring

the love heals necklace,
with amethyst

moonstone love charm necklace

and a moonstone stack

a purple love necklace

and some refrain earrings,
with chrysoprase

and another pair with kyanite and chrysoprase

your apatite heart

and your mended heart

i will be listing these in the etsy shop tomorrow!

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