Monday, November 28, 2011

i made a new flapper bracelet

with the most gorgeous rainbow moonstone, labradorite, and prehnite

i really love making these, but they are very time consuming. this one in particular, as i have been making my own jump rings in an effort to cut down however i can on the amount of money i spend on silver these days. for this piece i constructed and soldered 30 jump rings. i made the toggle clasp as well. but these are my three very favorite stones (plus kyanite, of course) and i am swooning over the flow and the feel of this bracelet.

of course i couldn't truly capture the incredible blue flash of this moonstone. it is amazing.

you can find it here. i know it seems really expensive, but it truly was a labor of love. i know you understand, especially my fellow silversmiths. there is a 10% off sale in my shop right now, but, actually, i have been wanting to offer you, my dear readers, a 15% off coupon code, just in case. please use code BLOG15 until december 1st.

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