Friday, December 2, 2011



these are some of the new pieces that i made this week for the annual show at the dolores river brewery tomorrow. (kyanite, moonstone, peruvian opal, chrysoprase, dendritic opal. swoooon.) i LOVE doing this show. remember last year? it is always so much fun; i am really looking forward to it!

olive has been out in the shop with me all week, helping out. she is such a delight to have out there with me. molly never really liked to be out there with me, and and she was so big there wasn't really much room for her.

this guy was also out there today. aren't they supposed to be good luck?

we are enjoying the start of december around here. there's a tiny bit of snow falling outside. the advent calendar is stocked.

we started a new tradition this year, in honor of the girls having their own rooms. they each got their own (pink, of course) christmas trees and we are working on decorating them.

and hazel's been rocking out.


mamabeaks said...

I'm so glad you are back to blogger. I had trouble leaving comments at the other place. I love your new jewelry, very pretty. your girls are growing so fast, both are beautiful! Love the puppy too. good luck tomorrow!

mamabeaks said...

oh, ps................ daddy long legs are good luck, they are gentle too.

nancycreations said...

Love the new pieces you have made fantastic as always, I am finally back in the studio making jewelry to at last this last move was so horrible I hope you have a fantastic season I always enjoy you beautiful pieces . nancy