Monday, December 5, 2011

such a great show!

i do so love the show at the brewery.
it was a blast!

great people,

food, and music,

and shopping, of course. i did some great bartering; i got a handmade, felted-wool dog leash, 10 whole bars of the most fabulous soap, 20 lbs. of potatoes, and some great prints of my friend kat's photography.

and this was happening right outside the door...

these pieces were not snatched up, so i will be listing them in the etsy shop tomorrow:

a fantastic little grace ring

with a beautiful puffy chrysoprase

and this little peruvian opal ring

a grace necklace, with a gorgeous faceted chrysoprase

and a sister bracelet for the above ring

also, the fabulous rosie carter, who is the designer of my beautiful logo, has opened an etsy shop, the rural underground, with her amazing creations. please check it out here.

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