Friday, November 25, 2011


(yes, here i am back at the old blog. i feel like i have put on a nice comfy pair of sneakers after prancing around in some high-heeled boots for a bit. sorry for dragging you back and forth, but i am back now. thanks for following me around.)

we had a really awesome thanksgiving yesterday. for the first time ever, it was just the four of us, in our home. and although we missed apple and poppy, it was lovely.

because we have issues with our oven (and just because it was cool) we cooked our turkey in the dutch oven.

and, we made pink whipped cream for our cherry-apple pie.

i am so very thankful for my amazing family,

and my beautiful new home
(more photos soon, i promise)

and the sweetest little olive

and how she has blended so seamlessly into our home.

i hope that you all had wonderful, grateful days yesterday as well!
(it's so good to be home...)


susie said...

Sounds like a wonderful cozy holiday, everyone looks so happy:) Olive is a cutie, hope she is fitting into her new home well. The house looks beautiful (it's the same color as my house- We also have green with white trim and black shutters, love it. Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend

shannonl said...

Glad you are back Kristi, I missed the music. Who needs high heels anyway?

Rag and Stone said...

Missed this site on my blog-roll (not that the web page isn't cool, but I like seeing it here better : )...and all your great tunes have been sorely missed! Welcome back!

pencilfox said...

had the same feelings when i switched to a different "host" for awhile.
guess i'm just a comfy ol' blogger sorta' girl, too....

this spot seems to fit you just fine.


Lisa-Maladylis said...

I missed your site here. The music and all. I never liked word press at all. Good luck !

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

thanks, guys! it really is wonderful to be back here. sorry for trying to move on up in the world; doesn't suit me at all...