Tuesday, January 31, 2012

salt lake city, emily, and blind pilot

i had a wonderful weekend in salt lake city!

olive was a fabulous co-pilot.

it was so fun having her along. i have always enjoyed doing these little trips alone, but she is the perfect companion.

saturday morning we went for a truly beautiful ski up mill creek canyon.

we took a break and had lunch at emily's friend melissa's cabin

(i loved the contrast of this green with everything frozen.)

emily's the greatest.

martha scanlon opened for blind pilot and she was amazing!

good ol' israel (and kati)


luke and ian


i've never seen another band that seems to enjoy playing music together as much as these guys do. they smile at each other and laugh throughout the set. they just put out really great energy and every time i see them they get better.

at the end they invited martha up for another song.

and then i had a beautiful drive home...

i hope everyone is well!

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