Tuesday, January 10, 2012


we had a truly wonderful 2 weeks off together. for most of the winter break we stayed home, which is unusual for us. we relaxed a lot, and read a lot of books, and went to bed early and woke up late. we skied a bit, but there's no snow within a 50 mile radius right now. we haven't had snow in 3 weeks. i am so sad.

but last weekend we met my dad up in crested butte.
and there it snowed!
and there we skied!

the girls had a blast snuggling their pops.

and big ed (a.k.a. poppy) and kathy (a.k.a. apple)came to visit us!
it was wonderful.

big ed got me my very favorite christmas present of all (unless you count olive, who is now being considered a christmas present from glenn):

(this is not it.)
this is my old disc cutter. rusty and old and warped and quite impossible to use. when i told poppy about my new account with dogIDs.com he asked how i made the blanks and i told him about my crummy old disc cutter. he came out to my shop with me to try to fix it, but we determined it was unfixable. so he got me this one:

my new disc cutter
shiny and clean and smooth and beautiful and oh-so-efficient.
i just want to cut discs all day.

THANK YOU, poppy!

look how perfect they are.

i hope you all had wonderful holidays! tomorrow i should have some new pieces to share with you.

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