Saturday, January 14, 2012

...and more hearts...

here they are, all finished...

for some reason or another, the firing of this entire batch didn't exactly go so well. i have spent the last two days repairing these hearts. i have refired, soldered, pickled, soldered again, filed, fired again, etc. repeatedly fixing and repairing and then trying again. needless to say, it has been very frustrating. but, finally, they are completed, and i am very happy with them.

the "your ruby heart" flapper bracelet,

with a tiny ruby, a very fancy faceted rectangular amethyst, a gorgeous faceted sea foam green chalcedony, and a sweet little lavender lantern.

the "true" necklace,

with a beautiful rainbow moonstone
and a flashy teardrop labradorite

and the "your amethyst heart" ring

all of these pieces are rugged and tattered and torn. they are imperfect and rustic and a bit flawed (like your own heart?) and i love them just as they are. henceforth, these 11 pieces shall be known as the rugged heart series, even if just to myself and whoever is reading this right now. there's so many cheesy metaphors for hearts and challenges that i could say about these pieces, but i will keep them to myself. just know that these 11 hearts are pretty special. i'll be listing these three in the shop tomorrow for a few days.

i hope you are all having a great weekend!

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