Thursday, January 26, 2012

riveting again

these are some new pieces i made this week.
i am delighted to say that i have been riveting again, love it so much.

this ring is quite magical.

you almost might think there is no stone in there at all. when in fact, there is a delicious faceted moonstone, not rainbow moonstone, just the good old fashioned regular moonstone.

tension set and riveted into place,
just like magic.

and this prehnite piece,
rather victorian looking, i think.

i set the stone "upside down", pointy side up.

and this tranquility ring,
with the deepest blue kyanite i've ever seen.

and a faceted lemon yellow prehnite ring

these pieces are actually not going into the etsy shop; they are for the new store i am going to have my work in. however, if you absolutely love one of these and feel you can't live without it, please don't hesitate to let me know, and we can talk.

tomorrow, olive and i leave to go to salt lake city to see emily, her lovely family, and blind pilot (with martha scanlon opening)! very exciting!

hope you all have wonderful weekends as well...


JudyB said...

Those are all super lovely! Have fun on your trip!!

Rag and Stone said...

Kristi, these are all just STUNNING! Some of my favorite from you in awhile, the Moonstone rivet ring is just fabulous!!!

barefoot mama said...

oh wow, that tranquility ring is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I love everything you make and I am watching closely for THAT ring that I can't live without:))