Tuesday, January 3, 2012

aquamarine to die for

wow! i recently bought the two most incredible pieces of aquamarine i have ever seen.

aquamarine is said to be a "stone of courage". it enhances learning about oneself. it emits a gentle and compassionate energy. seems like a wonderful stone for a new year. these pieces are enormous and i've never seen their equal.

because i originally started making resolve rings to help encourage the keeping of new year's resolutions, i made a couple new resolve pieces for you as well.

the aquamarine courage necklace

with the most gorgeous high dome teardrop aquamarine stone ever

and a wee bit of janis for you...

and the sister ring

look at that high dome!

a new resolve necklace,

with a gorgeous blue green labradorite teardrop

and a bit of everybodyfields

and a delicious little resolve ring

such a flash!

from the original resolve listing:

the back says "resolve". resolve is the verb form of resolution; dictionary.com defines it as "to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something)". labradorite eases transitions. this ring will serve as a reminder for all of those new resolutions you've made.

i am preparing to have my work in a new gallery at the start of february. these pieces really should be for that, but i never feel right about not sharing my new work with you guys. therefore, over the next month, i will list my new pieces in the etsy shop for a few days and if nobody snags them up, i will "un-list" them and save them for the gallery. fair enough?


Rag and Stone said...

Absolutely stunning stones! Also, ever heard of the Leibster Blog award? Me either, but check out my blog for a little gift for the start to a new year!

nancycreations said...

WOW is a good response to these lovilies I think they are great your jewelry is always that way love the stones