Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my new "spur of the moment" collection

i have been trying for a while now to come up with a simple earring design using rivets. it has finally come together! right after i finished my first prototype my friend kaia stopped by. she picked it up and said "it looks like a little spur." so i decided to call this the "spur of the moment" collection.

in prehnite, lepidolite, and aquamarine

personally, i've always found that my spur of the moment decisions tend to be my better ones. the things you decide to do before your rational mind kicks in and tells you all of the reasons why you shouldn't do them often lead to the best experiences.

spontaneous choices tend to lead us on to growth or excitement that may otherwise not have happened.

maybe these pieces can spur you on to be a little more impetuous, a bit more fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, impulsive even.

this little aquamarine spur i incorporated into a charm necklace

with one of my bar charms with a smoky quartz set onto it and a sweet little star

i am excited about them!

p.s. if any of you fellow silversmiths are doing any of this "micro-riveting" as i am calling it, perhaps you could advise me on how to keep the wire from bending as i rivet it?

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Lisa-Maladylis said...

Have you ever read something about riveting ? if you do, it always says make sure the rivet fits in the hole snugly. that way when you rivet, it doesn't bend at all, it stays put. Its the size of your holes that are making them bend. No way to fix that when your putting them in large holed beads. Not unless you find a smaller holed bead or fill the hole with something that makes it smaller like a small bead or something.