Thursday, February 16, 2012

little rings

today i made these...


and i took new photos of this ring.

it's decided then.
if nobody buys it by tomorrow afternoon, i am keeping it.

the others i will list tomorrow...

p.s. i am going to remove all of my made to order listings again for a bit, (except wedding rings). i need some time to build up my inventory again!


susie said...

I just read your last post (phantom limb), and my heart goes out to you. I had several years where I was estranged from my best friend (a person I've been close to since sixth grade, the one who knows me best). I'm lucky in that we were able to build our friendship back up again, but I remember how at a loss I felt in the time we were away. Wishing you the best (it truly is a loss to mourn much like you would a phantom limb).

I love the new work, you've got me wanting to order myself a ruby and make myself a ring - I absolutely love those colors together! That ring suits you, I hope it turns out it's yours:)

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

yes, susie, it's so very hard. it is actually my younger sister that i have lost. i am completely devastated. i can only hope that somehow we can work through this, but it seems doubtful.

yes, i am keeping the ring!