Wednesday, December 3, 2008

apprentice appreciation

so this photo's not very good (taken with my phone), but i just had to pay homage to my wonderful apprentices, shanti, katie, and sarah. they have had to learn fast to help me prep for all of my guitar picks! they are quickly becoming expert filers and cutters. plus it's just fun to hang out and have a good time while i am working. thanks so much, ladies!
i am moving right along with my orders. my "office manager", rachel (photo coming soon) sent out a big e-mail for me letting everyone know that i am a bit backed up, but they will receive their order in time for christmas. everyone was very understanding. and now i have a strategy for getting it done!
i've also been getting ready for the big annual show at the dolores river brewery this saturday. it's always a lot of fun. i am excited to share my work with local folks!

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