Thursday, April 9, 2009

wrapping the world in love

i received this wonderful message from a customer in the united kingdom:

I was having coffee with my niece today and she wanted to show me what she bought on etsy .............she brought out a very familiar lovely brown box and I exclaimed "Oh you bought something from Kristi at Silver Sparrow" ................she showed me the pick she bought for her boyfriend stamped with "I see the world through her eyes and see her eyes throughout the world". It was beautiful and she absolutely loves it and can't wait to give it to her boyfriend.  Her name is Hannah.

Your skill combined with others words and ideas seem to wrap the world in love.

Kindest Regards,

i just thought that was so dang cool, wanted to share it with you!

things are going very well at the gallery too.  i made enough in my first month to pay for all my start up fees, which was all i was hoping for.  i've already had 3 sales this month too and the tourists aren't even here yet!  yippee!

here's a photo of another of my new "lantern bouquet" pieces too:

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