Tuesday, October 6, 2009

austin, the decemberists

crystal and i had such an amazing time in austin this weekend! it was just so much fun. we stayed with my friends, michelle and clark. michelle picked us up from the airport and let us have the car for the weekend too. yay michelle! i didn't take very many pictures, but here you go. (many of the decemberists photos were taken by zach hitchcock, the very nice guy standing in front of me)

crystal on the plane

michelle and crystal at dinner friday night

we saw deer tick at emo's friday night. john was pretty wasted and i was definitely disappointed by their show, but it was still fun.

it rained for most of the festival. but texas rain is not like colorado rain; it didn't get cold and we really didn't mind it.

i adore justin vernon. bon iver played a great set. he kept thanking is for hanging out in the rain watching.

and, of course, the decemberists were the best! i felt like colin looked out and saw us all standing there, soaking wet, and played an especially amazing set. i've seen hazards of love live twice already this summer, but this was the best one for sure.

and one last bloody mary before we catch the plane...

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