Tuesday, July 20, 2010

here it is!

so, this is the "old" shop, when it was first completed in october 2008. (please note the unfinished drywall, the funky window and the raw cedar post legs on the bench.)

and here it is now...

the walls are plastered and painted, there's a new window that actually opens, the bench has new legs and the top has been sanded and painted.

plus two custom-built benches that fit perfectly along the walls...

this will be the future home of my new wood stove. jim said that he could not reinstall the old one in good conscience; it was not safe. also, check out the table to the right...

my mom had her furniture-maker friend custom build this table for me (for beading) for christmas a few years ago. i didn't really have anywhere to put it so i haven't been using it. now it is absolutely perfect for organizing my cabs!

and here is miss isobel, laying on the nice new concrete floor. (it used to be just dirt.) she went and turned into a teenager kitty while i was away. look how big she is!

and although it is VERY hot out there, i am absolutely, 100%, totally and completely in LOVE with my new studio! it is just perfect and fabulous and amazing. if i didn't know i would miss glenn, i would probably want to sleep out there.

and now i will leave you with this. this is a lovely video of the felice brothers singing "her eyes dart round", one of my favorites (and the song i am currently learning on guitar). it is beautiful...


Laura said...

Wow! Who did the work? I'd love to see it in real life. Kris and I love our rings, by the way.

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

jim lein did the work; he's awesome. feel free to come across the alley and check it out! i will be out there all day today and tomorrow, just give me a call first.

and i am so glad you love your rings!

Arjentia jewellery said...

What a great place to work, wow!! So envious and so happy for you to have such an amazing space to be creative in.

And Miss Isobel got so big!

Ok, will try to post this on the third attempt through my gmail account. It seems LJ and Blogger don't feel like playing nice tonight.


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