Tuesday, July 2, 2013

faith, hope, courage, and the worst blogger in the universe

so i would like to start by saying that i am very aware of the fact that i am the worst blogger in the universe.  i offered a giveaway and then never even told you who won. (DJ, you won!  please get in touch with me.)  i've been very remiss in my duties of sharing the world of silver sparrow designs with you ( i got a brand new AMAZING camper van, dorothy,  and i haven't even shared her with you.  we've been doing all kinds of camping and fun summer stuff with the girls and you know nothing about it.  my work is soon going to be in a new gallery and i haven't told you about it.)  i'm not going to promise i'll do better but i will promise you that i will do my best to get back here.

the truth is, for a time there it felt like my day wasn't complete until i wrote a post here about it.  then i started going through one of the most difficult times of my life and couldn't help but write about it here. however, believe it or not, i am actually a person who likes to keep to myself, and i all of a sudden became very uncomfortable here, revealing so much of myself for everyone to see.  so i backed way off.  perhaps now i can come back and find a balance.

i've recently made these new pieces, which i am very excited about.

the thing with feathers bracelet,
with ruby and aquamarine

and a little emily dickinson on the back

hope is the thing with feathers 
that perches in the soul
and sings the tune without words
and never stops at all

i am very excited about these rubies i recently got.  they almost look like pink tourmaline with the light shining through them.  i've been setting them without a back, bezel on both sides.

the faith necklace,
with labradorite, rainbow moonstone, and amethyst

three little wire-wrapped amethysts in the chain and a star to finish it off

(can't remember what hazel said to make me laugh here)

these pictures are pretty bad, but i love this tiny 
little ruby necklace

sweet and dainty

and, incidentally, these two necklaces look lovely together.

the labradorite bloom bracelet

and a new courage ring,
with wonderful turquoise

i've been really enjoying piercing work lately.  this necklace sold to a local customer.

and i made a mini replica to put into the chain of the necklace that i wear everyday.  this is side a,

and this is side b.

i will be listing the above pieces in the etsy shop at some point tomorrow.
i hope you are all having fabulous summers.


Lisa-Maladylis said...

I have missed reading the blog to say the least but totally understand because of bening kind of the same way. I look forward to seeing Dorthy though, my dream for a small camper some day.

My Creative Community said...

Beautiful new pieces! Love reading your blog, although I completely understand why you haven't blogged as much lately. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of the new camper! :)

Emily said...

Sometimes you just gotta do your own thing and not worry about everyone else! Love the new stuff. You read my mind by making the ruby necklace. I kept looking for one lately but now I compare everything to your stuff and it's never as good as what you do! have a happy day!

kristi smith said...

thanks, ladies, for understanding about my absence. to be honest though, i am excited about being back; it feels good.

and emily, i am glad that you got the little ruby necklace! you're so fabulous!