Thursday, July 11, 2013

deer, rubies, feathers and such. and chickens

this week i made all of these pieces.
there's a bit of a fur and feathers theme happening, as you can see.

i'm intrigued with the idea of doing totem animal pieces, have all sorts of ideas, but was only able to do the deer and the wren before i leave.

the a wounded deer leaps highest ring,
with AMAZING lemon prehnite

several layers of silver and a nice thick band

and miss emily dickinson on the back.
i've been loving her lately.

this stone truly is incredible.  the dear patty brought some back for me from tucson this year.

sorry, but as i am writing this i am recognizing that i cannot sell her.
she will have to be mine.

but i did make a sister innocence necklace,
with a beautiful faceted labradorite.

as a totem animal, the deer represents innocence.

the little ruby wren necklace,
with faceted labradorite and fully faceted ruby

as a totem, the wren represents boldness.

i think we could all use a bit more boldness in our lives, don't you?

and this prehnite feather necklace,
with a delicious prehnite set without a back and one of my hand-cut feathers

this stone is fabulous.

and i rather like the feather too.
(the back of it says, emily dickinson again, 'hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul..."

LOVE this one

 and the "the thing with feathers" ring,
with aquamarine and faceted labradorite

a plunge ring,
with lovely rose cut rainbow moonstone

inside the band are conor oberst's words "into the caverns of tomorrow with just our flashlights and our love, we must plunge we must plunge we must plunge".

a beautiful high dome stone

with a very nice flash

and this little ruby band

with a tree bark texture

and a very unique stone.  the ruby is more pink than red, almost lavender in some lights

and almost looks more like charoite

simple and sweet.

these pieces will all be in the etsy shop tonight or tomorrow.

and i thought i should update you about my chicken situation.  do you remember this,  back in april 2011?  we got chickens for the first time.  we all loved them dearly.  i never told you because it was just too devastating, but they were all eaten by an unknown predator.  all but one.  the survivor, penny,  we gave to our neighbor.  this april, we decided to try again.  we reinforced the coop and moved it just right outside our bedroom window where we could hear anyone trying to eat them and rush to the rescue.  this photo is of the babies in april.

and here they are now
 from left to right timber, winnie, zoe, sunshine, and chloe
(though i admit it is very difficult to tell chloe and zoe apart.)

they are not laying yet, but will probably start in late september.

and i know i am not supposed to have favorites but winnie here, with her fluffy little cheeks and curved beak has my heart.

so, now that we are situated to have chickens again, i asked my neighbor if we could please have miss penny back.  turns out, all of his chickens were also massacred, and she AGAIN, was the only survivor!  she walks with a limp, but she is so lovely.  so she is living with us again and i am so glad to have her back.

and, every other day or so, she leaves me a wonderful little gift.

stay tuned for my next post, where i tell you all about my upcoming trip and share my new van, dorothy, with you!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

faith, hope, courage, and the worst blogger in the universe

so i would like to start by saying that i am very aware of the fact that i am the worst blogger in the universe.  i offered a giveaway and then never even told you who won. (DJ, you won!  please get in touch with me.)  i've been very remiss in my duties of sharing the world of silver sparrow designs with you ( i got a brand new AMAZING camper van, dorothy,  and i haven't even shared her with you.  we've been doing all kinds of camping and fun summer stuff with the girls and you know nothing about it.  my work is soon going to be in a new gallery and i haven't told you about it.)  i'm not going to promise i'll do better but i will promise you that i will do my best to get back here.

the truth is, for a time there it felt like my day wasn't complete until i wrote a post here about it.  then i started going through one of the most difficult times of my life and couldn't help but write about it here. however, believe it or not, i am actually a person who likes to keep to myself, and i all of a sudden became very uncomfortable here, revealing so much of myself for everyone to see.  so i backed way off.  perhaps now i can come back and find a balance.

i've recently made these new pieces, which i am very excited about.

the thing with feathers bracelet,
with ruby and aquamarine

and a little emily dickinson on the back

hope is the thing with feathers 
that perches in the soul
and sings the tune without words
and never stops at all

i am very excited about these rubies i recently got.  they almost look like pink tourmaline with the light shining through them.  i've been setting them without a back, bezel on both sides.

the faith necklace,
with labradorite, rainbow moonstone, and amethyst

three little wire-wrapped amethysts in the chain and a star to finish it off

(can't remember what hazel said to make me laugh here)

these pictures are pretty bad, but i love this tiny 
little ruby necklace

sweet and dainty

and, incidentally, these two necklaces look lovely together.

the labradorite bloom bracelet

and a new courage ring,
with wonderful turquoise

i've been really enjoying piercing work lately.  this necklace sold to a local customer.

and i made a mini replica to put into the chain of the necklace that i wear everyday.  this is side a,

and this is side b.

i will be listing the above pieces in the etsy shop at some point tomorrow.
i hope you are all having fabulous summers.