Friday, January 10, 2014

a progression

normally i make my jewelry one piece at a time. this time i made six rings all at once, production line style. here is the progression.

the stones: rhodochrosite, ruby, turquoise, crazy lace agate, prehnite

the backplates are cut

words and signature stamped on the back

bezels made

ring shanks made

bezels soldered to backplates

backplates soldered to ring shanks

oxidized, buffed and stones set

cleaned up and finished!

the finished pieces:

the love ring,
with a gorgeous rhodochrosite oval

in order to highlight the beauty of the stone, i didn't oxidize this piece.  it is a nice white with a brushed satin finish.

such a beautiful stone!

this ring is available in the etsy shop, here.

the bliss ring,
with a stunning high domed, high shine purple ruby

such a unique stone

this ring is available in the etsy shop, here.

the courage ring,
with beautiful matrix-y kinsman turquoise

this ring is in the etsy shop, here.

the nurture ring,
with a lovely lavender burro creek jasper cabochon, handmade by the owner of my local silversmith and lapidary shop, larry sanchez

this one is also available in the etsy shop, here.

 the balance ring,
with an amazing crazy lace agate

i love this stone, with all its beautiful shades of pink and white and gray

it too is in the etsy shop, here.

and the dream ring,
with a juicy green prehnite

as those of you who know me may have guessed, this one i've decided to keep, at least for now.  

hope everybody's well, and enjoying the new year!

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