Sunday, April 13, 2014

spring, a survey, shannon, and the star

please, if you would, take a moment to answer the survey question in the upper right hand corner here.  i am working on some new endeavors and would like your input.  once you've answered the question, please leave a comment with your email address and this will enter you in a drawing for an as yet secret and undisclosed prize.  but i assure you it's very lovely.

we have some new baby girls here- tilly, klara, and johanna
(klara and johanna, of course, being the gals from first aid kit, hazel's favorite band)

they are a bit spoiled.  one of our current chickens, sunshine, is a bit aggressive.  in fact, june will not go outside to feed or collect eggs without her "chicken whacker", a green plastic bat, for protection.  they have decided that they are going to shower these new girls with plenty of love and affection so that they will be gentle and kind.

it's been fun having the girls out in the shop with me lately.  i've actually been putting them to work, doing a bit of filing for me.  they both enjoy it and produce nice smooth edges. all three of us were out there yesterday, discussing how lovely it would be for them to take over my business for me when i am too old to make jewelry anymore.  hazel said it looked really easy to make.

olive and jo are enjoying spring too

my good friend shannon took some photos for me so that i can, finally, update my "about" page on easy.  she is an excellent photographer, and if any local folks need some photos you can reach her at

also, this picture was featured in the local paper.  you can see it here, if you'd like.



Mindi Clark said...

Yay, love the blog!

susie said...

Looking good - love all of the colors in the new work, and really loving your PMC charms! Personally, I love mixed metals (silver is my first love, but there is a warmth to copper and bronze). Take care,

pencilfox said...

"survey says ____ "

excellent survey question!

[you have my email address….]