Thursday, February 26, 2015

…and more changes

so, i am now longer teaching 5th grade.  i resigned from my position.  it turns out i don't have thick enough skin for public education.  and the truth is i don't want to.  it is just not a good fit for me anymore.  i did not make the decision lightly, but i did what is best for the safety and well-being of my family.  i do not believe in mistakes, but it has been a long time since i have made such a wrong turn in my path.  i am happy now to be back on my right path, being a mother, taking care of my family, taking care of myself, and making jewelry.

and, as a happy coincidence, my dear friend patty went to the tucson gem and mineral show right after my last day of teaching.  she brought me back some amazing treats!

gorgeous, high quality gemstones- tanzanite, chalcedony, chrysoprase, amethyst, prehnite, and larimar

rainbow moonstone




and prehnite

you can be sure that i am very excited to start turning these beautiful stones into jewelry.  my sketch book is filling up with ideas, and i've started a few pieces.  stay tuned for finished products!

in the mean time, i've been doing a lot of skiing, both with my family and by myself.

i've been visiting family,

and spending lots of good time with my girls.

there is also a brand new trail up above my town, and during the very warm spell we had recently, i was up there almost every day checking it out.  it's awesome.

and the dogs really love it.

also,  miss smarty pants hazel got third place in her school spelling bee,

and june continues to be spectacular.

i hope that you are all doing well, and i am really looking forward to creating some new pieces for you!


ragandstone said...

Does this mean you'll be making/posting/creating/generating joy via blogs and jewels and etsy-land!?!?!? Welcome BACK!

kristi smith said...

yes!!! yay!!!

and thank you. i'm so excited to BE back :)