Wednesday, November 2, 2016

my new line of charm necklaces!

i've been doing a lot of shows and markets lately and i love it!  when i first started doing markets, i created a variety of charm necklaces and sold them as they were.  however, my customers always wanted to switch this charm for that one or add this one to this necklace or exchange that chain for a different one.  so, i started doing it differently.  now, i just have dishes of all different charms on my table, along with a selection of chains.  my customers have so much fun designing their necklaces, and it is great for me to watch them, often asking other ladies that they don't know what they think looks better and striking up conversations.  it's lovely.  for years i've tried to figure out how to replicate this on etsy, and i finally sat down and took the time to do it.  there are so many possibilities!

birthstones and zodiac signs

(hearts, stars, arrows, and feathers can be added)

you can view all of your options here.
the deadline for ordering for the holidays is november 20th!

hazel & june are doing great, and continue to become more and more enormous.
luckily i have tiny dorothy (a.k.a. theo) to snuggle and hold.

and halloween was a lot of fun!