Monday, August 3, 2009

what could be more important?

so i made an important decision today. i am not going to put my stuff in the two new galleries. i realized, as i was writing a note to my dear mancos customers, apologizing for the empty shelves, that it just didn't make sense. i am barely able to keep up with what i am doing right now, with etsy and the artisans gallery. why would i add to my load? but the real reasons are these:

i feel i've barely seen them this summer; i've just been so busy. so i am sticking with what i got! and i brought a bunch of pieces that i was making for the new galleries into mancos today. here are a couple that will be in my etsy shop tomorrow. oh, and p.s. i am having a big sale this week, to show my love and appreciation for my dear customers!

1 comment:

VP Boyle said...

Your designs rock! I haven't forgotten about my custom "crown" ring. Will email shortly!