Friday, July 31, 2009

ode to the thistle!

thistles have a bad rap. here in colorado, they are considered an "invasive species". evidently, they crowd out native species and crops. i suppose that is understandable, i mean, it's cool to be hearty and thrive, but no need to get greedy, right? the other day, on our way to a nearby hike, i noticed several patches of thistles that were a bluish color i'd never seen before. i realized they had been sprayed with a greenish substance, no doubt some kind of herbicide, and i felt a sense of righteous indignation, as if i ought to go on some sort of crusade on their behalf. they were just minding their own business on a hillside. they certainly didn't seem to be crowding anybody or doing any kind of invading. setting aside my life and starting a "save the thistles" campaign seems a bit unrealistic at this time, so instead, i made this piece to honor them.

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Rachel Turiel said...

That thistle is amazing!