Saturday, July 25, 2009

note to self... remember rumi!

i have been "working" so so much lately. when i feel a bit overwhelmed, or wish i was down at the river with my dear husband and sweet little girls rather than sweating profusely in my hot little shop, where i have to turn the fan off when i turn the torch on and i just think i might die, i remind myself of rumi's lovely words "let the beauty of what you love be what you do". i am so very very grateful that i am making a living out of my passion. i adore creating these pieces of wearable art for folks to buy and cherish. i love making the custom wedding bands and guitar picks and "mommy" necklaces that may someday become family heirlooms. i LOVE what i do and i thank the universe everyday!

glenn and the girls left to go camping this morning. i will work work work today, tonight, and tomorrow and then meet them up there tomorrow afternoon, fulfilled, refreshed, and caught up. you see, i have been asked to have my work in a gallery in boulder, and its' sister in littleton! the owner would like about 20 pieces for each location and i've got to get busy!

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