Monday, December 20, 2010

happy solstice!

this evening i finished my last (local) custom piece! all of my christmas orders are shipped, and my etsy shop is now officially in vacation mode! yippee! i also finished this christmas gift for patty today:

there've been all sorts of fun holiday goings on around here.
we made a gingerbread house,

went to hazel's winter program,
(sorry so blurry)

attended hazel's pride day assembly where she received the "self-control" award,

and hazel's class party

also, at the pub show, i traded a necklace with a friend for ten hours of babysitting! glenn and i took advantage of that barter on saturday.

we finally had some snow, so we went for a beautiful ski

and then he took me out to a swank dinner, where i drank mojitos.

we leave in the morning for our trip. our first stop will be outside of eagle, colorado for our two-night stay in the cabins. apparently there is a lot of new snow up there, good skiing and sledding. then we will continue on to denver to be with my family for christmas. both of my sisters and their families will be there! (we will miss you scott, martha, jay, andrew, and ellie.)

don't know whether i will be posting or not while i am away, so i will wish you all a very merry christmas now, just in case!


susie said...

Wishing you safe travels and the merriest of holiday seasons.

p.s. I wish you could send me some snow
pps. Amazing custom piece, so filled with whimsy and beauty:)

DalaHorse said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours too Krisiti!!!. Your horse piece is breath-taking! Have safe and happy holiday travels! You sure know how to barter girl! Sue♥

Emily said...

Wow! Amazing necklace. Makes me want to get going on trying to design my custom piece. I think I just don't have your eye for design :) Merry Christmas!

Silver Sparrow Designs said...

thanks guys! we left this morning. turns out there was no electricity, no cell phone service, and no wireless. heavenly!