Wednesday, December 15, 2010


sorry i haven't been around here much lately. i have been working very hard, first getting ready for the show, then stocking the gallery, now working on getting all of my orders out in time for christmas. i haven't been sleeping much. this is my last tough week and then i am going to take some time off, even close down the etsy shop for the week! i can't wait until i can go out to the shop and make some new pieces, not custom stuff!

so this morning i decided to take a break and go for a ski before i started working. unfortunately, there is still not enough snow to go to my usual, favorite, only-nine-minutes-from-my-house spot, boggy draw. if i want to ski, i have to drive for an hour up towards telluride, but it is sooo worth it.

my skis, the felice brothers on my ipod...

fresh, falling snow and a beautiful track.
what more could a girl ask for?

oh yes, some canine companionship. perfect.

(incidentally, molly is on two new medications and is doing great! i decided to see how she would handle skiing today and she had a ball. it made me so happy to see her prancing around!)

i made it all the way to the top today, something that never happens when we all go.
(sorry, family, i love you dearly, but it was really nice without you today.)

a really awesome, wonderful time.
until i tried to drive away...

oh yes. VERY stuck in a ditch.
two hours and three very kind and generous people later, i was free.

we also skiied in the same place on sunday, with our dear friends, the baldwins. we had a lot of fun.

annabel and hazel

annabel, zane, and hazel

juniper kathleen

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DalaHorse said...

Kristi...glad you took some time for yourself...your companions seemed to enjoy their adventure too!♥