Wednesday, March 7, 2012

new pieces

here's what i've been working on:

because i sold the three wishes ring to a magnificent lady, i made this ring for myself and i am NOT selling it.

LOVE it.

some stones i buy and i love them so much i can't part with them. then, after a while something happens that inspires me to finally make something with them and let them go. this is an absolutely gorgeous graveyard point plume agate, purchased from lost sierra about 2 years ago.

the other day i was listening to a.a. bondy out in the shop. i heard him say "the ash is just ashes; the dust is just dust" as i was looking at this stone and there it was. ashes and dust, that's just what i see in this beautiful stone. the depth is amazing.

i love this line. to me, it means who knows where we came from or where we are going, but let's live this life the best we can while we're here...

i know you've already seen these earrings, but i love how these three pieces look together. what i love about these is their imperfection and organic feel. when i first started making these i tried to make them perfect. i would do pieces over and over trying to get them just right. but then it occurred to me that flowers are not perfect. and now i embrace the "offness" of these blooms. each one is crafted one layer at a time and is totally one-of-a-kind and unique.

a finger fleur
with garnet

and a neck fleur
with a juicy green faceted prehnite

junebug is home sick today and olive is recovering from getting spayed yesterday (both are fast asleep in bed with me right now) but i will get these pieces listed in the etsy shop soon.

hope you are all well!

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6512 and growing said...

those flowers are the best!