Wednesday, March 14, 2012

without darkness, chrysoprase

with the girls both sick last week and june home this week with pneumonia (so scary!) , i have not been out in the shop at all. june is doing much better now and today glenn came home early so i could work a bit. i finished this:

without darkness...
with chrysoprase, london blue topaz, peridot, kyanite, apatite, and turquoise

this beautiful trillion cut faceted chrysoprase is the last of my amazing chrysoprase pieces that patty brought back for me from tucson last year. and a teeny little faceted london blue topaz sits in the center of the flower.

as you know, one of my favorite quotes

i took a few photos of the process for you today.

also, i got an amazing new stone shipment in. all tinies:
...garnet, emerald, chrysoprase, prehnite, smoky quartz, rhodochrosite, tourmaline, peridot, rainbow moonstone, iolite, sapphire, kyanite, london blue topaz, apatite, aquamarine, amethyst, onyx, amber, carnelian, labradorite... my goodness...

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Sierra Keylin said...

The tiny's!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! WOW, such great colors...I have yet to tackle the tinies, I still struggle with making bezels for the biggies, so these are very intimidating to me! LOVE the necklace, and the message it carries! Sending love and recouperating energies to your little ones!