Saturday, June 16, 2012

new pieces and telluride

 finally, some new pieces.  it has been a very busy summer so far, and i feel i have very little to show for it.  here are a few pieces though.

 love this new bloom where you are planted necklace,  with a beautiful feathery prehnite...

 and a tiny aquamarine bloom, riveted in place.

 this little chrysoprase balance ring

 such a creamy and dreamy stone

 the love ring, with a beautiful high domed amethyst

i gave this one a shine because it just seemed like it needed one.

 this is the remember to dream ring,
with a beautiful high dome apple green prehnite

 this one also has a shine.

 and a new resolve ring,
with an amazing labradorite

 and a delicious wide hammered band

 and lastly, a new your authentic self ring,
with the most beautiful rose cut, high domed rainbow moonstone

 and a nice wide band as well

and i had my first telluride farmer's market yesterday!

i hope that you are all doing well!


Lisa-Maladylis said...

very nice, I love your set up at the show. I hope you did well ! I love your wide rings, what gauge do you use for those ? I noticed your stamping your jewelry with a sterling stamp. Did you know you have to register your hallmark in the USA to do that and it's $300 a year ? It has to be a unique hallmark as well. Just wondered if you knew. Didn't want you to get in trouble for that. I have the hallmark but not selling enough to spend $300 extra a year ! silly of you ask me. beautiful jewelry though.

Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Catching up on blogs...I forgot how much I love your jewelry and that pic of you is so cute!