Sunday, June 3, 2012

bees knees, riverfest, salt lake city, and CSA

yesterday, glenn and i played on the side stage at the dolores riverfest!

bees knees!

 it was the biggest crowd we've ever played for, by far, very nerve-wracking, but so much fun.

 riverfest is a blast!

and last week i went to salt lake city to visit emily and to go see blind pilot/ the head and the heart/ and the shins.
 the show was amazing.

 you can read all about it here if you'd like. 

and the girls had such a great time with emily's kids, sammy and sadie and ella.  thank you, emily, for everything!

and, i just want to share with you that we had our first CSA delivery yesterday.  in exchange for some wedding rings and wedding jewelry for a local farmer, we are getting a full-season CSA share, including eggs and homemade granola.  so wonderful!  thanks so much, michelle!

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