Friday, September 7, 2012

blue moon inspiration
i was very much inspired by the blue moon that occurred last friday night.  after the kids were in bed i rode my bike down to the river and sat and watched it come up over the ridge.  and i think i understand now why there's so much power and wonder associated with it.

with an astounding blue labradorite

every once in a while, once in a blue moon, you make a decision that has been needing to be made for a very long time. all of a sudden, perhaps because of the moon, you have a clarity that was never there before, an insight that has long eluded you. and there, right then and there, you decide that things have to be different. you realize now that your very existence depends upon it. you overcome your fear, and you set out on a new path, one that leads away from misery and towards peace. and you don't question yourself, "nor cast one longing lingering look behind.". 

i had just such an experience during the recent blue moon. as i sat and watched it rise over the ridge i had such clarity. this necklace was inspired by that experience. at its center is an absolutely glorious labradorite cab. the blues are indescribable and the feather that goes along the lower part of the stone offers a beautiful division, perhaps before and after? surrounding the labradorite are three small stones, labradorite, moonstone, and prehnite, and many lovely little bits and baubles. the spiral bail is riveted in place.

this is the blue moon ring,
with a fabulous rose cut rainbow moonstone

as usual, i could not capture the amazing blue flash of this stone.

the grow ring,
with gem silica

such an amazing stone, with bits of malachite.

and this is the calm ring,
with utah variscite

variscite is said to bring a sense of calmness. this particular stone makes me think of calmness within chaos. the soft, minty color in the center is surrounded by the darker black and green pattern, representing peace within turbulence, calm within the storm.

these are all in the shop now. 
 have a fantastic weekend!

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Elf Jewellery said...

I would say that you are damn artistic and creative by nature. I just loved the resemblance of the blue stone in the necklace with the blue moon.

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