Wednesday, September 12, 2012

three wishes. part two

so, you know how i said how much i love this ring?  well, i admit it; i have been wearing it.  i just really love it.  when i made it, i was really thinking about what my three wishes would be.  and while i was wearing it, i found myself absentmindedly rubbing it and thinking about my wishes, focusing on them, putting energy into them.

i know you have no reason to believe me, just my word, but i have to tell you that yesterday, after three days of wearing this ring, major things happened that lead toward all of these wishes coming true!  cross my heart.  i cannot tell you what my wishes are (because then they may NOT come true after all) but i can tell you that...

one of them has to do with this

and one of them has to do with this

and one of them has to do with this.

and so, to further the magic of the three wishes, i made the three wishes necklace,
with prehnite, labradorite, and rainbow moonstone.

three stones
three chains
three wishes

rub that little lamp to your heart's content.

and see if your wishes come true.


Sierra Keylin said...

GORGEOUS!! I love them both, but the necklace is screaming it's beauty to me through my computer screen! The layering of the base plates is so beautiful, love the shapes. :)

kristi smith said...

well thank you so much, m'dear!

Tracy said...

Kristie- Since you make and put magic in your jewelry I have zero doubt that your wishes are coming true! I have been thinking hard on how I want to commemorate my 50th BE-Day that is fast approaching. I may need to commission a piece like this, or maybe get this. I was thinking about getting a tattoo, but maybe a piece of your magic would be even better! Lets talk soon.